looking for suggestion on debug task priority problem.


I ran automaticated regression test scripts (tcl/expect) to test my QNX
24/7 non stop.

I recently added ability for the test scripts to run the all the
programs at lower
priority level (9 instead of the normal 10). It always works fine for
first couple
loop thru all the scripts.

From the third loop on I seen the following problems:

  • The program will report that it can not find the .so file in the
    system. Manually
    run the test and it works fine and I know the .so files are there.

  • The box is not pingable from outside the subnet. Pinging it from the
    same subnet
    always make it pingable from outside the subnet again.

Other info: My qnx programs do not interact with the QNX tcp/ip stack
other than it is
spawned from telnetd.

Any idea, hints on how to diagnose this problem.

Take out the “nice” in the test scripts, the tests run all weekend. With
it won’t last 4 hours before I see massive failures in test log and the QNX
becomes not pingable.


-Tony Lee