NIC enums

My NIC, a D-LINK DFE-530TX+, was not recognised by 6.2 but it is supported.

I had to modify the following files to get it auto-detected.


ADD the following line:

set(PCI_vEND_DLINK, 1186)


ADD the following line:

device(pic, ven=$(PCI_VEND_DLINK), dev=1300) # D-LINK DFE-430TX+

The line should be added to the section, this section has only
two device entries in the original version of the file. After adding the
indicated line, the section will look like this:

device(pci, ven=$(PCI_VEND_REALTEK), dev=8139) # RTL 8139
device(pci, ven=$(PCI_VEND_ACCTON), dev=1211) # SMC 1211
device(pci, ven=$(PCI_VEND_DLINK), dev=1300) # D-LINK DFE-530TX+
append(legacy, “,nonet”)
uniq(netnum, devn-en, 0)
mount(-Tio-net “-opci=$(index)” /lib/dll/, “/dev/io-net/en$(netnum)”)

Can someone at QSSL make these changes for the next release?