ifs and efs files needed to install QNX on iPAQ

I am unable to get the ifs and efs files from the qnxzone website. :unamused:

Would it be possible to precise other websites that provides these 2 files.

Thanks in advance,


eqip.openqnx.com has links to download.
What exact filenames are you looking for?

I am looking for ifs (Image File System) and efs (Extended File System), in order to transfer the image of the iPAQ Reference Platform to the internal flash of the iPAQ.

From the website: eqip.openqnx.com/
There is many files to download but which one is the image file? is it the “ipaq-images-20030421.zip”?

I will be very grateful if you can help me.

Thanks in advance

If you unzip any of those zip files, you should find the efs/ifs files you want. Those zip files are just for different release versions. Read the README files associated with the different release dates.

BTW, you might have already noticed, the project has stopped since 2003. The main guy cdm has left QNX and is no longer interested in eqip.