Whither QNX 6.4?

Is QNX/Harman working on QNX Momentics/RTOS 6.4? If so, when can we expect a release?

There used to be an article on the home page that talks about QNX 6.4 features and release schedule, but I can’t find it anymore. It seems the direct link is stil there:


There are some credibility issues with that interview and the article has been pulled since.
Take a grain of salt when reading it.

AFAIK yes a 6.4 is planned for somewhen in 2006.

this will be realy cool. I cant wait to be able to dual boot OSX and Qnx

Grain of salt, grain of salt, grain of salt.

Grain of salt - Is this an idiom? What do you mean by that?

grain of salt.

View with skepticism the idea that you may soon be able to dual boot OSX and QNX on an Intel based mac (after all QNX has long supported the processor that the mac currently uses).

The problem with supporting the mac has never been the CPU, it is the architecture. I doubt that Apple is going to make the mac a generic PC architecture (if so, then why bother building hardware at all).


Not usually participating in such discussions, however as far as I have read Apple has been working with x86 architecture for about 5 years, leaving PowerPC behind soon. This should in it self make it more than possible to use both Windows, QNX and OSX on one x86 computer, by dual boot I guess you mean booting up into different OS´s and not booting them at the same time (in paralell):

Anybody else on this topic?



Anything is possible, but probable is another story.

Think about it. If the new mac is a generic PC architecture then OSX will run on a $500.00 clone PC. If Apple does something hokey, like only sell the OS with their standard architecture boxes, then OSX will be massively pirated. If they sell OSX for a high price then it will be massively pirated.

If they use the x86 with a custom architecture then their market is pretty much as it is now (possibly pirating of upgrades, but at least one guaranteed sale when the machine is purchased - plus the premium on the machine that will run OSX).

Apples marketing model has always been to have the s/w with the best user experience, and then charging an arm and a leg for it, by having it run only on hardware they supply. This isn’t to say that they won’t work with MS to produce a version of Windows for the mac, but if so, I sincerely doubt that anyone outside of Redmond would ever get access to the macs architecture details, certainly not QSSL.

I’m not saying they won’t make the new mac a standard PC arch, but if they do, then I will be

a) happy (OSX is a very cool OS and in order to stop the bleeding of piracy they will eventually be forced to bring the price down).


b) shorting Apple stock…

Right, QNX will not get the necessary documentation to run Neutrino on the Mac. No matter if PPC or x86, it could only done by reverse engineering, which is probably not legal. Furthermore, QNX is not interested in the market the Mac targets, because it would never pay off.

did any of you actualy read the article?
“Support for the latest Intel processors and chipsets, including the Pentium M and dual-core processors. QNX 6.4 should also be running on Apple’s first wave of Intel Macintosh systems as well.”

IMHO that statement regarding Intel-based Macs is pure speculation.