Problems with ncurses and the mouse

Hi, I wanna do a program that implement the mouse in a terminal, the problem is that my program compile and run but I move the mouse or press some botton and my program not detect it, I type some with the keyboard and the program respond… and finished when i want…

Somebody can help me? mouse really works in a terminal?

The question is “what terminal”. I am not sure pterm is supporting mouse anymore. And it also depends on the terminal type you are setting. (qansi vs qansi-m)

Thanks xtanq, Yes I’m use pterm and i have changed the terminal types (qnxm and qansi-m), but I can’t use the mouse. I’m going to install the ANSI/vt100 terminal emulator ( screen ) from the qnxpub100.iso. If you have anyother idea, it will welcome…

In other case, I maybe have to learn to use AppBuilder from QNX 6.3… :confused:

(sorry, i forget say that i’m a new user in Qnx 6.3 and i’m learning to programming in real time)