Some problems with editors

I have installed QNX 6.3 on my x86 desktop and I find it a very well-done microkernel OS.
I have an Italian keyboard so I´ve set up properly the localization configuration.
I have some problems related to editors.

  1. in every editor or shell I can´t write { and }
    while in other Unix systems there are various key combinations to make them, they don´t work on QNX
  2. while vim, gvim, Editor, Workspace and Eclipse work well (exept the problem with the parenthesis), I have many problems with other two editors, Emacs and Nedit: they seem to use a different keyboard layout, in fact the non-alphanumerical characters are wrong and they don´t recognize the “tab” key.

Thanks in advance,

Those two uses XPhoton instead of the native Photon GUI. XPhoton layer allows you to run normal X Window applications under Photon.

thank you very much

and how to solve the problem of the braces in normal photon apps?
(I have temporarily solved it with a ViM macro)

and also: are that files at also available in a repository?
it would be fine to just add the repository to the list

hm… I can´t find “xmodmap” in the openqnx sourceforge downloads page

It’s part of the XFree86. You can install either from the tarball from sourceforge site, or from the 3rd party online repository.