name_open fails

Hi all,

I’m trying to use GNS and name_attach() / name_open() to connect to a server on a remote node, but name_open fails with 2 (No such file or directory) although my server process registered properly - when I do

cat /dev/name/gns_client (on node where gns -c is running)


cat /dev/name/gns_server (on node where gns -s is running)

I can see the name that my server attached using name_attach(). Any ideas?

Machines are x86, QNX 6.3

Many thanks in advance,


I think you can do this,but you need to give a full name path to the name_open() command. And your remote, and server node should be connected using qnet so that you can give name path like “/net/server/dev/name/gns_server”
Your remote and your server is in seperate node??? right

Does the server accept _IO_CONNECT message and reply an EOK back ?

Hello xtang,

I read that there was a change in that I now get an _IO_CONNECT message, but I didn’t realize that it is obligatory to reply to it ?!? I don’t handle that case now since I took some legacy code that was written before the change came in. Actually, I’m only interested in a pulse with a certain code, so on return from MsgReceive(), I only handle -1 (error) or 0 (pulse) but nothing else.

I’ll try out.

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Hello xtang,

now that I handle the _IO_CONNECT message, it works. That means that I have to modify and recompile every server application when I want it to work under 6.3 Is there any way to bypass the _IO_CONNECT handling, so that existing binaries continue to work unmodified under 6.3?



No other way arround, you have to handle that.