Network Monitoring TOOLS

Are there any tools availble for monitoring tcp/udp traffic on a qnx machine?

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.


Yep. Get the tcpdump package from QNX Online (qnxinstall).

Can one monitor physical network connection (eq. green led at the rear of network card) with some code ?

Suppose i’m loading net stuff this way:
Net &
Net. -pe380 -I0 -l1 -v &

With -v option driver will put usefull information to console, including physical status of connection, any time the physical link goes up or down.
Can such thing be done some custom way ?
Thank you.

Doh !

Your talking QNX4. You must specify this, if you are, since people will generally assume your using a modern version of the OS unless you state otherwise.

I think there is a tcpdump for QNX4 as well (under /usr/free on quics), but I’m not sure.

As for monitoring the LED, no there is no safe way to do that, even if it was possible.

Though this reply probably comes two month too late:

There’s also ‘netsniff’ in the TCP/IP runtime module. Not comparable to ‘tcpdump’, but ‘on board’ … ;-)