devb-eide & Ali 1535D+/M5229

Hi, All;

I am using QNX6.1a and Ali1535D+ chipset. I am having problems in making the
devb-eide driver identify the M5229 controller correctly (most likely due to
the BIOS initialization), and as a result, the Driver fails to enable UDMA5
mode, instead, it just pick up the PIO mode (very slow). Your help on the
following questions will be greatly appreciated:

  1. What information does the devb-eide need about the M5229 to recognize it?
    Vendor ID, Device ID, class code, sub system ID, or…?

  2. How does devb-eide obtain these information? By calling BIOS services or

just scanning the IDE controller and read the its registers by itself?

  1. Where can I get some information about how devb-eide works?




Here is the information printed by devb-eide when identifying the IDE

Time Sev Major Minor Args

Mar 08 17:15:54 2 19 0 eide_identify_devices: Generic IDE vid 0, did 0,
class 0 rev 0, busno 0, dfunc 0

Mar 08 17:15:54 2 19 0 eide_identify_devices: cmd_addr 1f0, cntl_addr 3f4,
irq e, chnl 0, udma -1, mdma -1, sdma -1, pio 0