sysctl interface

We are looking at porting a(nother) Linux device driver to a QNX6 resource

This device driver uses sysctl(CTL_DEV…) to control certain device
parameters which can only meaningfully be set before the actual device is
open()'ed. (It uses ioctl(fd, …) for parameters that can be meaningfully
adjusted after the open()).

It uses the Linux kernel call register_sysctl_table() to add its custom
sysctl capabilities to the system.

To preserve source compatibilty with the higher-level API that already
exists, we would prefer to support the existing sysctl interface for this
device rather than having to convert the API to use some other mechanism
(most likely private messages to the resource manager).

Is there any QNX6 mechanism (current or planned) to allow a resource manager
to hook its own entries into sysctl()? It seems as though the current QNX6
sysctl implementation is what you might call minimalist…

Any other suggestions/experience on the best way to handle this?

Rob Rutherford
Ruzz Technology