Automatic update of directories

I have a net with some PC with system QNX4. As I make to bring up to date one definitive directory in all the machines at the same time? I would not like to use cron, therefore it is twirling the time all. Exists some function in C that asks for for system QNX4 to inform me when is modified some archive in one determined directory?

If to modify this archive: //1/usr/test/test.txt
All will be brought up to date:

You can use stat() to gather information on files and directories and thier access times. However, you have to poll. There isn’t an event/callback for file modification.

Can’t you just prefix the file ?Leave the real file on //1,
and prefix -A //1/usr/test/test.txt=/usr/test/test.txt on
node 2, 3, …