MD5 & Tetris

:question: Is there anyone within this forum that knows where i can get either a ported version of the md5/md5sum program, or the source that can be built on QNX-RTP 6.1? And since i am on the subject, i am also looking for a Tetris version like the one on FreeBSD. Again, if anyone knows where to get the already-packaged and ported version, that would be great.


md5sum is part of the GNU textutils which can be found on the QNX 3rd party CD. Since the CD is for QNX 6.2 or higher, I am not sure if the binary will work on QNX 6.1. If not, you should always recompile. The ported source code is on the CD, or you can download the source of the CD itself from

As for tetris, the page mentions a precompiled binary for QNX.


Since we are on the subject, and you have been of great help so far, maybe you might know how, and would willing to, help me with another problem:

No matter what i do, i cannot get the pterm, xterm, sh, bash, zsh or anything else to list directory contents in color according to their type like other OS’s do. Am i missing something, or do i have to get this ‘colorls’ utility that i have been seeing mentioned here and there?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think the “ls” that comes with QNX supports that. You will need to download and compile color-ls yourself.