Space Oddity

hey guys,
I installed QNX 6.3 in a HDD with 2 partition. (one with Windows XP)

I reboot after installation.
QNX starts correctly.
Photon start and, instead of show the login page, I can see a deformed windows start image…
(kadalthewizard thinks: “mmm, pheraphs there is something wrong”)
Re-install qnx (without removing winsoz because I have a loto of useful things for my work)
this time photon starts all right.
as default it takes a VGA card with about 2 colors and resolution 3x4 :smiley:
I changed to radeon 1024x768 32bit and AGAIN the ghost of windows theatre come to disturb my dreams…

how is possible?

Sounds like your video card is not correctly supported by QNX. You will have to stick with VGP or vesa driver until QNX fixes it.

ok, but how is possible that when I start qnx (that is in one partition) it shows me the windows logo (that is on the other partition with a different file system)

another question by the way…thare is a way to start qnx without photon, choosing it at boot time? because now my system starts but he load a wrong login page and so I can’t do nothing than reboot…

The Windows logo probably was still in the frame buffer of your graphics card from your previous Windows use.

During boot, when it says “Press the space bar to input boot options …”, press SPACE and you will see a list of choices. Press F1 (Safe modes) and then choose F3 (do not start photon). Finally, hit Enter to go back and continue boot.

I think the same thing, but I wonder how is possible that this happen also when I start qnx from a turned off pc…I mean, if it is a problem of memory, when I turn off the pc all the buffers lose data, so when I turn on all buffers are clear …