QNX database suggestions


We are designing a Real time app on QNX 6.3 Neutrino, as such we need a database to store our data (a bunch of files containing variables and other kinds of data ). I am in a dilemma about a database , we dont a database as such (like MySQL , ), i am planning to design a database management system myself using the QNX 4 disk structure. I would really appreciate if there are any suggestion on how databases have been implemented on the QNX 6.3.

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There are commerial database solutions available to QNX.
Or free big guys like MySQL, PostgreSQL.
or the lightweight ones such as sqlite.

Thanks for the information NOC, is there any available package from SQLite for QNX, has anyone used this before ?

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We used the good old ctree quite a long time (QNX2, QNX4, QNX6.2.1).

It was quite reliable, even through unexpected powerdown, but, of course, it down’t have any SQL features (that’s, why we left it behind)

Depending on the complexity of the data, if you just have “a bunch of files containing variables and other kinds of data” why bother with a full-blown database? open(), read() and write() generally work just fine, unless you’re actually dealing with “relational” data.

Oh, and considering how many times I’ve seen ads for McObject on the left hand side of this site, I’m surprised no one’s mentioned it yet.


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I am building a database application using libxml2 , so far so good.