Benchmark to QNX

I am looking a benchmark like the Rhealstone Benchmark to mesure the real time performance of QNX. Can someone tell me where can I find such Benchmarks source Code or to buy it?


Since there isn’t a standard API for obtaining the data that Rhealstone requires (there are standard real-time API’s but these are not designed to allow one to measure the system performance), it tends to be a custom set of software. That said writing the code to obtain the raw data that Rhealstone requires is not that difficult (2-3 days maybe).

I think dedicated systems experts ( have detailed evaluation reports covering QNX in which they have obtained most (if not all) of the raw data that is used to make a Rhealstone number.

I have attached one that they were giving away free at one point (this is QNX 6.1 though, so it is somewhat dated).

Hello ,
Thank you for your response, I found this results thanks, I need source code or Software to mesure the latency time orthe preemption time when executing a specific Task. I want to mesure the 6 Rhealstone values. Can you give me a nexample how to write this programs. (you told me it is easy to write it, and I have no idea about real time programming). I am just starting