PHP compile QNX6.3

After compilation, Apache 2.0.54 seems OK under QNX6.3.
But I have a problem with PHP 4.3.11
“./configure” and “make” seem OK but “make install” gives me the following error:

Did somebody already install successfully?
Thank you for your help

It can’t find the shared
You have to libtoolize it and regenerate the configure script so that it builds with shlibs.

libtoolize -f -c
./configure …

Thank you for your answer.
But excuse me, I don’t know the command “libtoolize”, neither “aclocal” nor “autoconf” and does not find them in QNX6.3!
You are right by saying that it is necessary to force the compil for shared lib. But I am lost between libtool and configures.
Thanks for agreeing to detail your idea a little.

“libtool” etc can be downloaded from the QOpenCD project headed by the Russian QNX team:

Thank you very much noc,
I 've found libtool, but but the "libtool -f -c makes even more problem for the continuation of the make.
I specify my question if you want it well:
To compile php4, there is first the script “configure” which produces a “makefile”. Then I start “make” and to finish “make install”.
The problem is that “make” produce a static “libphp4.a” and not a shared “”.
But the “configure” and the “makefile” are so complicated for me, that I cannot see why!
If you have time to examine my makefile, I left it in attachment.
Still thank you for your assistance and for time that you given to me

Please read my first post again.

the default “configure” is no good. it produces a “makefile” that can’t do shared. that’s why you need to run the sets of commands I mentioned, to create a new/good “configure”, which can produce a good makefile that can do shared.

there is no need to tweak the makefile manually.

Run the commands exactly as I listed. eg: it is “libtoolize -f -c”, NOT “libtool -f -c”.
“libtoolize” is part of the libtool package.
“aclocal” is part of the automake package.
“autoconf” is part of the autoconf package.

All those three packages (libtool, automake, autoconf) can be downloaded from the QOpenCD project site that I mentioned.