[HELP]why can't run my PhAB program bilingually?

It seems so strange that my bilingual phab app can only run under PhAB! If in terminal , set ABLANG as : [color=red]
$export ABLANG=de_DE

then myapp still run in default language. I have copied myapp.de_DE,myapp.ldb to the directory: myapp/src/gcc_ntox86 where the execution file exists. Also I have set ABLPATH as: [color=red]
$export ABLPATH=root:myapp
What’s the problem? Thanks a lot!

I thought you had to use the absolution path in the ABLPATH

export ABLPATH=/usr/photon/translations:/root/myapp/src/gcc_ntox86:.

(the current directory must be indicated by a period, and you can remove the . if you don’t want to include the current directory in the search path).

thanks a lot!