/proc DCMD_PROC_TIMER question

Hi folks,

one more question about /proc w.r.t. DCMD_PROC_TIMER. I’m using devb-eide
as the testcase here, and one of the timers sez:

Buffer 2 timer ID 2
itime 1063180652506618 ns, 250000000 interval ns
otime 225003825 ns, 250000000 interval ns
flags 0x00000001
tid 0
notify 196612
clockid 0
overruns 0
event (sigev_notify type 4)
SIGEV_PULSE (sigev_coid 1073741832, sigev_value.sival_int 0, sigev_priority -1, sigev_code 1)

I’m confused as to what the itime and otime members are trying to tell me.
Sure, it’s all in nanoseconds; 1063180652506618 ns is 1063180.x seconds,
which is 12.3 days – is this a valid value?? I’m not sure I’m reading it
right, 'cuz my gut tells me that 12.3 days is an “unlikely” value for devb-eide.

What’s the real meaning of the itime and otime members?
What’s the meaning of the “notify” structure member?

Thanks in advance!


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