Bugs in latest preget.

Bugs/missing things found in the latest preget (by zigzag and indigital):
Written by zigzag.

zigzag’s system: Nvidia TNT 16MB, 64 MB RAM, Intel celeron 400 Mhz.
indigital’s system: 2 Cpus, p3 733, MSI 6321 dual cpu board, Adapted 2940uw scsi controller, Nvidia GeForce DDR, 256 MB RAM
Bug in devc-ser8250 <— keeps crashing after being connected for a while, never happened before (other preget).

Bug in dialer <— wont connect to my isp on its own anymore, used to. I have to do interactive login, my isp has a standard login procedure, worked fine in other preget and augusta.

Aha8 scsi drivers not loading on boot, indigital cant read his scsi cdroms, they arent in /fs

Wont mount a FAT32 partition that indigital has, says corrupted filesystem detected, uses the dos driver.

Dragging a window that is in the background, ie. the package manager window while downloading a package makes the mouse into a DOT.

Windows still dont have the black border on the bottom when a window is rolled up (shaded).

The CPU/memory/network display stops working if the right shelf is set to auto pop up. (ie resized all the way to the right (smallest)).

The package manager should be minimizable while its downloading packages, otherwise it gets in the way.

Perhaps the network display can also display modem throughput if there is no network. or as an option.

Indigital reports that his keyboard just died all of the sudden in Photon, the mouse still worked. It also wouldnt work in console after exiting photon. There were no core dumps.

Vesa driver should use slow photon blitting to play back mpeg video etc, currently it doesnt play at all.

My nvidia TNT card still has the mouse warping at the top, and I think wont play any mpegs.

Launch menu’s shutdown option seems to jump into place when the launch menu is FIRST (on photon start) pressed.

Launch menu should have a bigger and nicer look if possible :slight_smile:

Multiple instances of things like Graphics config, network config, desktop config etc are possible, shouldnt be.

Need a Control Panel/Center where icons can be clicked to select what config you want to change.

in Ped (the editor), you should be able to set justification BEFORE typing the line also.

The cd player plugin (for the shelf) needs cool looking scrolling font, not skippy text box :wink:

indigital’s second cpu not being used (not auto-detected).
Thats all! Sorry its so much, but hopefully its of some help :slight_smile:

–zigzag & indigital (#qnx, #qnxstart on efnet.)

zigzag <cz440@torfree.net> wrote:

Bugs/missing things found in the latest preget (by zigzag and indigital):

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