Problems with PtList

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is a bug with my code or with Photon itself, but here is my problem.

I am writing a Napster client all in C (i.e. not using PhAB). I have created a window which
has two main elements - a PtList containing a PtDivider and a bunch of buttons to
have a table sort of effect, and a PtGroup containing a bunch of buttons at the bottom
of the screen to manipulate the entries in the table. I have everything laid out, but when
I do a PtRealizeWidget on the window containing the list and the group, the window appears,
but none of the widgets appear. However, if I move the window offscreen and then back
onscreen, everything appears as expected. The same thing happens if I resize the window.
Interestingly, if I call PtWidgetToFront() on the list, the button group appears.

Any ideas?