newby help : minimal photon install

how do i set up a boot disk build file with a photon environment to
boot and run one gui program. no panel or desktop required it will
take up the entire screen (1/4 vga color FED).

if i was using linux i would install a minimal x86 and run my gui
using: xinit -geometry (etc… etc)
but i have no idea how this process works under photon. can you
execute a gui program in this manner under photon?

ive got gui programming under photon figured out now all i have to do
is embed it :slight_smile: eventually it will need to wind up on a ampro cm2-4gv
with 72m (or hopefully less) diskonchip flashdrive…

can anyone shed light on this mystic process ?
anyone who can provide an example file will be concidered
god-like …