how to use autoconf for porting some Unix lib and code toqnx

I gunzip some code from Unix
typing ./configure

it shows:


loading cache ./config.cache
checking host system type… configure: error: can not guess host type; you must
specify one

how can I sovle the problem?
Thank you

I hearded install autoconf may usefull?but How can I get autoconf in QNX


which QNX are you using?

I use QNX 6.3 on a 32 Bit Pentium and usually configure works (at least to some state beyond guessing the host system). There is a script calles config.guess which determines your host machine type.
In my case it returns “i386-pc-nto-qnx6.3.0”.
So I could start configure like this: ./configure --build=i386-pc-nto-qnx6.3.0 --host=i386-pc-nto-qnx6.3.0

The config.guess script works fine on my machine even without automake or autoconf installed.
If you use QNX 6.3 you can download these tools as repostories from the QOpenCD website.
For QNX 6.21 they should be available in the third party repository (Something like ‘gnu autoconf’ I guess).

my QNX is 6.2.1 thank you very much I will have a

Thank you very much with your guide,I have soloved the problem.

What can I do if I want to cross compile to sh processor on x86 development machine?