phindows from outside a firewall

Hi All,

This is both a QNX4 and Neutrino question

I would like to be able to use phindows on a system behind a firewall
on a customers system.

I currently have a modem on the remote machine with a dialback setup
which allows me to dial in and have it call me back - wherupon I can
start phrelay and viola I have a working phidows session. But using
phindows an a modem is still pretty darn slow at times. The machine
is connected to the internet and I can for example ftp to my local
machine – I.e. I can start outgoing connections but I cant “see” the
machine from my local machine because it hides behind the firewall.

What I reall want to do is something like this.

  1. dial in and give dialback id
  2. answer call and login
  3. start some sort of outbound connection to my local machine on the
  4. somehow reverse this connection and have phindows take over the

I have seen some references to ssh for this sort of thing but frankly
have no clue about how to go about it.

Is anyone doing something like this, and if so how are you doing it.

Bill Derby