remote console for RTP?


I have a QNX 6 box without a keyboard or monitor and I want
to use a laptop as a console for the QNX box. Given only the free
RTP distribution and assuming a serial connection between the 2
computers, how can I do this? Having photon windows on the laptop
console would be great, but a simple text console would be sufficient.
The laptop could run either windows or QNX 6. I understand that
you have to purchase phindows separately from RTP, and it seems from
this group that it is a least a little buggy. Phditto seems promising, but
haven’t heard anything about it, beyond a few mentions in the
documentation…is it available for RTP (free or otherwise)? How stable
is it?

I can probably remember enough unix to get a remote text console setup
over the serial line, but I was hoping there might be a better way with