Various problems

I have some problems with QNX:

  • I have an Italian keyboard. QNX works properly with it after I have set the correct keyboard scheme, exept for two characters: { and }
    how can I solve this problem (perhaps editing the keyboard scheme)?

  • how can I activate the code completion option in Momentics/Eclipse?

  • QNX boot takes some time “scanning for devices”. Is this really necessary, or can I eliminate it in any way in order to decrease boot time?


Depending on whether it is a native Photon app or a X Window (XPhoton) app. For later, check earlier discussion:

I never used the GUI, but this is more like an Eclipse question, I think you can get a quick answer from the Eclipse mailing list.

A google search says you can use Ctrl SPACE, but I haven’t tried it.

As discussed here, you need to make your own customized boot image. You can start by the and replace the “diskboot” with explicit running of drivers for disks and starting of init scripts.

The following articles should be helpful: … 310_3.html … 311_3.html … about.html