Message Passing Call Variants

There seems to be a frightful number (12) of MsgSend…() variants, and I can’t find a number of the differences mentioned in the documentation.
I know that ‘v’ means that the variant uses iov_t parts, that nc means “No Cancellation” and that _r provides a different way to get a return code, however there is are sv and vs variants that look identical to the v variant.

Does anyone know the difference?


int MsgSendsv( int coid,
const void* smsg,
int sbytes,
const iov_t* riov,
int rparts );


int MsgSendv( int coid,
const iov_t* siov,
int sparts,
const iov_t* riov,
int rparts );

Notice the difference? ;-)

Yes, I think some of the documentation I have must be wrong, because two of the descriptions were identical. This clears up the matter, thanks.

I looked at the 6.3 doc. You are welcome!