Tty to Spawn a process

Hi all this is my first (and must probably won’t be my last) post in this QNX forum.

I have been reading about this but still can’t solve the problem. I’m trying to Spawn a process from a ptTty widget i have on my GUI when i press a ptButton. But I just can’t work out how to do this!

I have a simple process i want to spawn called “simpleProcess” which just loops 10 times printing “hello world” and this works.

So now i want to get this process spawned from the tty so that the printf statements appear in that tty widget and not on the origial terminal window.

Any help would be greatly appricated.

Cheers all,

I have solved the problem be “extreme programming”, in other words try every possible option till it works!!!

If anyone is interested within the ptTty widgets Resources i set the Pt_ARG_TTY_PSEUDO to ‘/dev’ and the Pt_ARG_TTY_CMD to ‘/tmp/simpleProcess’ (let location of my process) and it worked :smiley:

Hope this helps others