Can't get GNU install to build

I’m new to QNX. I have a system with 6.1 and a whole bunch
of C++ code that I need to get my mind around.

I thought, I’ll get a free code documenter that can derive some
class hierarchies from the code. I went searching and found on
on Tucows call Doxygen that sounded like it would do what I

[ First question: is there a better tool for analyzing this code? ]

The Doxygen build docs said it has to have the Gnu install tools,
presently found in coreutils. So, I found that and downloaded it.

[ Second question: version mismatch? My gcc is version 2.95, but
the coreutils package is 5.2.1. Will that be a problem? ]

I ran the configure script, and it ultimately fails because it can’t
find a library call that lists mounted filesystems. Some OSes
have getmntent() or listmntent() or mntctl(), etc. Apparently
none of these exist in the QNX C libs.

[ Third question: Is there any C function in QNX that could
be substituted? Or, what workaround can I use to get this
to compile? Or, is there a different path to what I want
(code documentation)? ]

Thanks in advance for any help.


If I were you, I would just use Linux for that “analyze” work. There are more tools readily available on Linux for the purpose.
If you have more time to kill, and want to port those tools over to QNX, you can definitely try your luck.

That shouldn’t be a problem. They are just different product, each with their own versioning.

Gnu coreutils used be to called gnu textutils. You can take a look at the QNX 3rd party CD, you will find the old GNU textutils on there, with ported source code. That should be a good start point for you.

Good luck.

In fact, I did search Linux tools. That’s where I found Doxygen. Is there something better?

Well, I definitely don’t have a lot of time to kill. I would much prefer to download a binary, but I have my doubts that any Intel binaries compiled under Linux will work on QNX. What do you think?

Sounds good. Unfortunately, I haven’t (so far) discovered any QNX CDs in this place. Do you know if there’s some way of getting that CD after the fact? (It’s a one-programmer shop, and my predecessor left before I arrived - not ideal).


I guess I wasn’t clear. You don’t need to install Doxygen on QNX. You can just transfer your “bunch of C++ code” to a Linux machine and run doxygen there, to generate necenssary documents…

As for the QNX 3rd party CD, you can download from
You may need to signup a free myqnx account.