Unable to locate Photon


My embed Photon buildfile not completed yet and the quetions are:

  1. The line in my buildfile:

phfontFF -d /phembed/font_repository -c 20K -j -s 50K -F 10 -S 50 &
waitfor /dev/phfont 10

works. I got /dev/phfont appears. But after I add the line next to above:

io-graphics -g800x600x16 -dldevg-svga.so -I0 -d0x1039,0x6325 &

/dev/phfont disappears. I 've no idea how is that.

  1. Running the buildfile it prints huge rolling messages, you know.
    At the end of the messages, it prints “Unable to locate Photon”, but Photon
    was being running. What it means ?
    How can I obtain the complete lists of the messages and post them on the
    forum for help ?