Hi there!.. is it possible to connect to an ISP over VPN on QNXNC621… What should i do? :confused: assuming i have the net card working just fine in the LAN


Not really.

If your are talking about “Microsoft VPN” then you are out of luck.
There is a pptp client I ported sometime ago, but it won’t do
encryption, so not that usable…

If you have a real QNX release, then the “v6” stack support
IPSec, which, considered a standard to do secure link.

i have a QNX nc 621 on separate partition… is this “real”? :slight_smile:

excuse me for placing such questions… but i installed qnx yesterday :slight_smile:

No, NC stands for non-commercial. So, it’s pity, but you have unreal QNX release :laughing:

and there is NO way i can make it more “real”, right? :unamused:

Well, you can pay US$ 4000 to turn it into commercial SE (standard edition), or pay $8000 for the PE (professional edition) if you want the IDE tools. Rumor says we will have more stuff added to the free NC version in the next QNX release. Don’t know if v6 stack is one of them. BTW, before you ask, you won’t see the next version in this year.

OK. Assuming I have the commercial version (I believe I do since this is for a corporation but how would one check?) what do I do to turn on v6 stack support and enable a VPN connection?

I want to connect to a remote corporate site over a VPN and talk to a Unix server there that holds our source file repository. I then want to run the Perforce client over the VPN to check in and out files.

Currently I have to use a Cisco VPN client under XP (transparent tunneling using IPSec over TCP). But this has the disadvantage of adding the ^M’s to the files when I check out under XP and then I have to FTP them to my QNX box and then run the textto command on everything. Basically a pain in the *ss which is why I want to bypass the whole windows part if possible.

Can this be done?