ISA network driver

Hi, I have a 3COM 509Combo AUI/TP ISA ethernet card. I would like to use this with my QNX6. I tried using the el509 driver but it doesn’t work.
I guess it’s because of ioport and irq and stuff. How do I know the correct iopot and irq for this ISA card? also What connector mode do I have to select for this card ?

Network cable connector type:

I tried to load the ethernet with this command:

io-net -d el509 ioport=0x320,irq=11 -p tcpip


By default it should detect the IRQ and ioport automaticaly. If it doesn’t work, I beleive you need a DOS utility to configure the card.

BNC is a round coaxial cable.

UTP is the cable most use today.

AUI is old stuff use with thick ethernet.

FIBER is for fiber obtic.

Depending on the model of card, not all type of connecter are available

thanks~ I was able to find the default ioport address and make it work. For some reason, the driver doesn’t detect them automatically.

There is a big warning in the doc that depending on type of hardware auto detect may not work.