Installing QNX Repository Software from the CLI?

Hi all!

I’ll start off by telling you that I’m a newbie at QNX so excuse me for any stupid question.

What I need to know is if it’s possible to install programs from a QNX Repository from the comand line interface?
I know how to do it from within the GUI but I’m currently not at the computer and I connect to it via SSH so it would be great to be able to install software from the CLI.

Thanx for any help!


This doesn’t exactly answer your question, but it might be worth it for you to know that if the machine you are connecting from is also a QNX machine, you can get a remote graphical session to the machine you want to do the install on.

The utility to do this is called phditto (see the online docs for more information).

You might want to look at cl-installer utility.