Mozilla 1.4


There is a mozilla1.4 package available in the 3-rd party repository at

(click on the “3rd Party Respository for QNX Neutrino v6.2.1” link )

This is a fragment from the pop-up note:

"Changes specific to the qnx/photon platform:

  • the right click menus ( context menus ) in the Mail&News client work now.

  • not related to the above: the menus now behave like regular photon menus -
    they have a big region underneath to collect mouse events etc.

  • if you don’t like the antialiased, small fonts that are used in the menus,
    messages etc, you can now configure them. They are read now from a
    configuration file ( /usr/share/mozilla/system_fonts ). See the
    /usr/share/mozilla/system_fonts.README for the format of the file.

  • changes to improve the overall rendering speed.

  • packaging related: it now disables the old versions of mozilla rather than
    uninstalling them.

  • packaging related: there is an icon bound into the executable for the task

This is the last “xpfe/netscape style” based browser. Starting with the 1.5
version, mozilla will consist of two separate applications: a “smaller,
faster and better” browser and a companion mail program. For more
information read the roadmap page at ( )."