cc error 11

Hi everybody,

When I try to compile a C file in QNX4.2.5 making cc ‘file name’ I get this message:

//1/usr/watcom/10.6/bin/wcc386 terminated (SIGSEGV) at 0007:00023B40
cc: usr/watcom/10.6/bin/wcc386 signaled 11

In QNX6 it’s working well but not here.
Does anyone knows what do I have to do?


Is it failing for any C file, or just one?
If later, please post your code, or zip/attach here if too big.

Make sure you have the latest Patch, which i think is B.

Thank you for your answers :
noc :
It’s only for one file. I compiled other files and that’s working very well.
Unfortunately I cannot put these files on the Net because it’s confidential (from a client). Is a code generated from Statemate. I made an S-function in Simulink. Now I try to put this S function on a real time target (where I have QNX4.25) and I have this problem.
I’m looking on the qnx site. There is a PatchE and a PatchG. I will install these packages.

PatchE and PatchG are for the OS not the compiler.

If this C file is unusually large as compared to your other C files, or includes large header files, it could be you don’t have enough memory. (QNX doesn’t support swap).

Yes, the file is quite large: 3000 lines and a lot of functions with a lot of parameters. But nothing complicated.
And what do I have to do in this case? I have 384M RAM. I think for the time when QNX4 was working there wasn’t so much RAM on a machine.
Any idea is welcome.

Ok, thanks Mario, But where can I find PatchB for the compiler?

test your memory! It’s brocken!