QDN Articles

To the QNX Community:

We at QNX are planning to expand the contents of the QDN website.
For those who aren’t familar with the QDN website, take a
look at http://qdn.qnx.com. The future goal of this site is to
specifically help qnx developers and offer guidance to new

We will be starting to add additional content to the QDN site
on a frequent basis. We would be pleased to accept article
submissions from people in the QNX community. These articles
can be about anything, and the length can be as short as three
paragraphs or as long as you want it to be.

Possible topics include:

News about new software ports
News about hardware support (and where the hardware is used.)
A project you’re currently involved in
Code samples with readable explanations
Overviews of the RTP or your area of expertise
Discussions about POSIX or UNIX-isms
Discussions about the architecture of Neutrino or Photon
General answers to questions on newsgroups (FAQ Topics)
Topical summaries of our APIs - new user introductions

If you are interested and have a topic in mind, send
email to kbigelow@qnx.com. Being the new R+D QDN
Coordinator, any article contributions or ideas would
be appreciated

Kim Bigelow