Set bios time by application using system() and rtc command

Hi everbody!

I almost complete my task to porting application, it should be no problem using same command in qnx4 and also in qnx6 but otherwise it happen.

My QNX4 application using system(“rtc -s at”); to set Bios clock and its work very well. Unfortunately, using same syntax in my new application on QNX6,the OS says"rtc: -b base addr must be specified for mc146818 clock type" . Can you all show me how to porting this command? Why should we specificly tell the OS what is base addr for RTC?


  1. hardware?
  2. try ‘rtc -s hw’

Hai…mikeT, Thanks a lot . I using command system(“rtc -s hw|at”); . :slight_smile: