pci attach failed!


I have a serial port PC Card with 4 serial ports. I wrote the drive in
QNX4 for both COM1 and the PC Card. It works for both. However, when I
transfer the driver from QNX4 to Neutron, COM1 works well while PC Card
do not work. Using the command PIN, I got the address is 0x200 and IRQ
5. I use this address and IRQ to initialize the register of UART. The
problem is that the PC CARD do not have interrupt response. Even in the
ISR Handler, a simple count does not work. When I reset the PC Card
service with devp-pccard by “slay devp-pccard” and “devp-pccard -v -i7”,
the IRQ is still 5 and with information “pci attach failed”. I do not
know whether the “pci attach failed” is the reason that interrupt do not

Best regards!