Cursor Capture in Photon

I’ve read all about all the various event callbacks which can be attached
to get info about the mouse. However, once the mouse leaves my widget’s
context, I can’t seem to find any event messages about the mouse motion.
Under Windows… I can CaptureCursor( HWND ), and get mouse messages even
when the mouse leaves my current window. This allows me to follow the mouse
and perform resize and or moving type operations to extents beyond my current

Also - I’ve noticed that popup menus seem to close on LOSE_FOCUS… but
then they also seem to lock the focus from the auto-focusing mouse
movement… how does one lock the mouse focus into a window? and by
doing this, does the popup menu actually get the mouse events beyond it’s
presence on the screen? or does a click in another window force a focus
change such that the menu will disappear?