Files from another Era

I hope this is not another problem with fs-cifs but when I have my
source code in a Win98 shared directory and mount that directory under
RTP using fs-cifs I have run across some odd behavior on the file

When I edit a source file from the win98 system using Ultra-Edit32, the
date/time stamps for the file(s) appear correct when viewed from Win98
Explorer and when doing an ls -l on the RTP system. Now if I edit any
of those same files from the RTP system the date/time stamp is changed
to December 31, 1969 (even though the system time is set correctly) with
date only and no time stamp at all. When viewing the same file then
from the win98 system there is no date or time at all that shows up in
Explorer. This wreaks havoc on my makefile when compiling under RTP and
causes it to then blow up on what would otherwise be a clean compile.

I even tried to use “touch” to modify the dates on the files with no
change whatsoever. The only way I can repair the dates is to open each
file in the win98 editor and modify and save each one and then the
makefile is happy.

Has anyone ever seen this behavior or am I overlooking something very
obvious ?