THE BIG LIST (links to all qnx software)

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I want to start this topic so that anyone who knows any links to any qnx software archive or repository can list it here. I want to start this because I needed software for qnx and only the people here seem to know where to find it!

Im gonna start and if anyone wants to list any links, it would be great!

thats about all that i know of, so if anyone has more software or links to offer, it would be great!

(could someone make this sticky if the list becomes quite extensive?)

–thanks in advance
–tempqnx :slight_smile:

Oh, forgot → lots of messanger and other fancy stuff (e.g. crdtools) → two small shelf plugins → repository, I think more QNX 6.21 stuff

@lestat I think there is an edit button :wink:

//edit: just found this one in an other thread:

//edit[2]: and another one: → the workspace text / code editor

I’m too lazy to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

wow!! thanks a lot people!! I love this!! keep it going if anyone finds more!!

As statistics shows, each new QNX user trying to do next things:

  1. Find as many as possible links to software scrap-heaps, repositories, etc.
  2. Organizing porting of needed software, which is not available yet under QNX (usually this attempt is abortive)
  3. Create his own site dedicated to QNX.

it goes up…it goes down but when it’s up CDM has a repository:

Based in that webapge:

UIii, that makes me hang in 2.5 for more than 2 years now ^^

under “download area”

Just a quick update. We’ve updated our archive of ports ( ) to include (almost) everything below built for QNX6.4.0 x86, ARM LE, PPC BE and SH LE. Somethings like Perl are x86 only.

pkg-config 0.18
autoconf 2.62
automake 1.9.6
libtool 2.2
gperf 3.0.3
bison 2.3
cmake 2.6.1
perl 5…10.0
python 2.5.2
m4 1.4.9
coreutils 6.9 (comm, tr
png 12.29
jpeg 6b
pixman 0.11.8
SDL 1.2.13
SDL_image 1.2.6
SDL_ttf 2.0.9
SDL_gfx 2.0.17
curl 7.19.0
expat 2.0.1
xml2 2.7.1
xslt 1.1.24
fontconfig 2.0.6
freetype 2.3.7
Gettext 0.17
glib 2.16.5
IDL 0.8.10
iconv 1.12
icu 4.0
sqlite 3.6.2

Perhaps the biggest list of all…
Pre-built binaries for QNX6

HTML view here… … /QNX/i386/

FTP here…

More details here…

THE Biggest of them all: