How do I create a custom FTP Server Message?

How do I create/edit the message a user sees when logging in to my QNX 4.25 box via FTP when I have inetd running?

I don’t think the stock version of ftpd can do that.

You need to use/port other ftp server, such as wu-ftpd (always ported to QNX 4).

So, where do I find, and how do I install wu-ftpd on 4.25? And do I still need inetd running?

Last I heard igor has a copy of wu-ftpd for QNX 4.
Yes, you still need inetd. wu-ftpd works the same way as your normal ftp server from QNX.
There are other ftp servers (vsftpd, proftpd, etc) that can run standalone, without inetd. If you have good porting skill, you can give it a try.

Calling igor…