BIG FTP problems on QNX 4.25

Hi. I have a problem for the FTP to work. I have uncomment root in /etc/ftpusers and I still get
'530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using Binary mode to transfert files.
ftp> ’
I did verify etc/hosts, etc/resolv.conf, etc/netstart, and etc/ftpusers,
inetd is running

“sin ver” output, is:

/boot/sys/Proc32 Proc 4.25J Sep 09 1999
/boot/sys/Proc32 Slib16 4.23G Oct 04 1996
/boot/sys/Slib32 Slib32 4.24B Aug 12 1997
/bin/Fsys Fsys32 4.24V Feb 18 2000
/bin/Fsys Floppy 4.24B Aug 19 1997
/bin/Fsys.eide eide 4.25A Feb 09 2000
//1/*/usr/ucb/Socket Socket 4.25H Jul 30 1999
//1/bin/Dev32 Dev32 4.23G Oct 04 1996
//1/bin/Pipe Pipe 4.23A Feb 26 1996
//1/bin/Dev32.ser Dev32.ser 4.23I Jun 27 1997
//1/bin/Dev32.ser Dev32.ser 4.23I Jun 27 1997
//1/bin/Dev32.ansi Dev32.ansi 4.23H Nov 21 1996
//1/bin/Dev32.par Dev32.par 4.25A Jan 08 2001
//1/bin/Dev32.pty Dev32.pty 4.23G Oct 04 1996
//1/bin/Iso9660fsys Iso9660fsys 4.23D Mar 20 2000
//1/bin/Net Net 4.25C Aug 30 1999
//1/bin/Net.ether905 Net.ether905 4.24K Jan 09 2001
//1/bin/Dosfsys Dosfsys 4.23E Jan 21 1997

and my “ls -l /etc/pass*” output is:

-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 199 Sep 09 2004 /etc/passwd
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 629 Jan 18 2003 /etc/passwd.19.06.03
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 361 Jul 04 2003 /etc/passwd.22.07.03
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 537 Sep 04 2003 /etc/passwd04_09_03
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 541 Sep 04 2003 /etc/passwd~

I don´t know what happen :frowning:
Thanks, Daniel

For FTP to work you have to make sure the user you are connecting as has non-empty password.

the user that i am using is root and this user have password. Is very strange because telnet services work propertly just FTP made that error

Also, make sure the login shell you are using is listed in the file, /etc/shells. It happens quite often when people set their login shell to bash which is not listed.

Thanks for your answer but FTP over qnx 4.25 don´t need shells because just root can connect over it :frowning:

Please post:

grep root /etc/passwd
grep root /etc/ftpusers
cat /etc/shells
ls -l /etc/shadow*

Thanks very much for the quick answers!
I don’t have any /etc/shells , the ftp doesn’t work for other non-root user also and my host machine is my computer with Win XP and my target is a PC104 main stack with QNX 4.25 installed,
In a few momments i will do the other post.
Thanks noc

I thought that as a security measure root is by default not allowed to ftp (i see the same behaviour)
Try another user other than root and I am sure it will work.

2 desousad:
Are you still connected when you get “Login failed.” response?
Can you issue “pwd” command?