gnu c++ internal compiler errors : new compiler release avai

Hi everybody !
We are developping in C++ on Neutrino RTP, and we sometimes encounter GNU
C++ “internal compiler errors”.

To avoid them, we have to avoid using standard C++ features like these ones

class MyClass {
typedef const MyClass& tParam;
// …


class MyClass {
static const MyClass INVALID;
void Invalidate();
// …

void MyClass::Invalidate() {
*this = INVALID;

Also, other advanced features of templates are not available (or result in
compiler internal errors).

So :
Are theses “compiler internal errors” already known to belong to version
2.95.2 of gcc, or are they specific to the Neutrino port ?
Since there is a new official release of gcc (2.95.3), when will it be
available on Neutrino RTP ?
Does someone have already port a more recent release of gcc on Neutrino RTP
Or do you know how we could do the work ourselves ?

Thanks for the help,
Cyril Othenin-Girard.