The ip addr can't be remembered

I use Tcp/ip configration to setup the ip addr,but when the computer restart, the ip addr returns to emptyess, anyone can tell me why?

Check the contents of /etc/net.cfg. That file is used by netmanager to setup your network config.

The net.cfg had been changed,but when I restart computer and start tcp/ip configration,the ip addr return to emptyess

Well, when you reboot, before you open up the tcp/ip config panel, do the proper values show up in /etc/net.cfg? What is the output from “ifconfig -a”?

Check/Change your tcpip config through “Configure → Network” on your shelf.
Make sure you set the interface to “Manual”. Other wise, it will go DHCP, and
will go out try to find a IP next time you boot.

I set the interface to “Manual” and the proper values shows in the /etc/net.cfg,but when reboot
the ip return to emptyess,what 's means of “output from ''ifconfig -a”",Is it right to type"ifconfig -a" in the terminal?

On your system, does /etc/net.cfg live on a harddisk or other re-writeable medium?

Here is some steps you could do.

  1. make sure /etc/net.cfg exist, have IP address set properly.
  2. make sure you DO NOT have a /etc/rc.d/rc.local (or if you have one,
    post the contents of that file)
  3. reboot, open an terminal. Type in “pidin -p io-net mem” and post the
  4. in same terminal, Type “netstat -ni” and post the output.
  5. in same terminal, Type “netmanager -a”
  6. in same terminal, Type “netstat -ni” and post the output.
  7. in same terminal, Type “uname -a” and post the output.

With these outputs, we might know more.

1)I’m sure that /etc/net.cfg exist
2)there hasn’t such file named /etc/rc.d/rc.local(directoty rc.d doesn’t exist)
3)output is “couldn’t open /proc/0/as”
4)output is “no such file or directory”
5)output is
load_object:attemp load of
load_elf32:loaded lib at …
netmanager:illegal option -a
invalid argument
6)output is “no such file or directory”
7)output is “no such file or directory”