running dinit from script file

I’ve written a small script file for making a freshly fdisk’ed HDD bootable.
I’m running QNX6.1 and ksh from hd1. The script file calls dinit and then
untars an archive onto the disk:

echo "Running dinit..." dinit -hq -f ./boot.ifs -m "Starting OS..." /dev/hd0t77 echo "...done" tar -C /fs/hd0-qnx4/ -xvzf ./my_files.tgz <...script ends> The problem is that although dinit seems to finish OK and the second echo statement works fine, the call to tar never gets made and no errors are thrown i.e. the script just exits silently. If I put something like an if statement after the call to dinit, an error is thrown saying that there is an unmatched if statement. Is there something i'm missing? Is this a bug in ksh? Has anyone else seen this behaviour or know of a workaround? Thanks in advance, James.