Graphic drivers? (QNX newbie )

Hi all
Just got QNX 6.3 installed for school work, but to get a decent workspace I’d shurely love to get som better video driver. Running a 18" Compaq TFT and a GeForce3 video card right now and it doesn’t look well for me. Running 1280x1024 which is looking very well in other OS but obviously not with QNX…

As topic, I’m a newbie in QNX and also fairly new in Linux so if there is any better drivers to use, please also let me know how to install them.

Regards from Sweden

google for evanh’s vesatweek driver, this will give you pretty decent performance on that graphics card. If you cannot get the resolution you want with the GUI, then click ‘Advanced…’ and you can enter the resolution in a textual manner.

Solved the problem by exchanging the video card for some older ones… got myself an old Banshee PCI which gives me a lot better 2D performance with no trouble at all.