about driver

hello everyone:
i have write a drivers, i want to let it accord with qnx os standard. for example sorce code where i shoule put it, and binary exe should put where and how to name it.

thank you

Drivers of what ?

oh,sorrry! that is driver!

by the way,my mean is i hava write a driver what should i do let its usage look like qnx’s devc-ser8250?

i don’t if i explain it clearly.

thank you for your help

use devc-ser8250 sources from character DDK then… or snatch the usage information from this driver and usage info of your driver will be exactly the same…

yes it is that.
but my mean isn’t that.
i mean when a driver installed the source code should be where, bianary exe shoud be where and how to install driver and uninstall driver in genarily.

by the way i have other question, why this function can’t return the st_mode value correctly?
int io_stat(resmgr_context_t *ctp, io_stat_t *msg, RESMGR_OCB_T *ocb)

    int i;
    printf("come io_stat\n");
    i = iofunc_stat_default(  ctp, msg, ocb );
    msg->o.st_mode =  msg->o.st_mode | S_IFCHR ;
    return i;