New user needs cron help

Hi guys…I had not heard of QNX until yesterday, when my boss asked me to setup a cron job in a QNX machine. I am familiar with Solaris, but not QNX. I was hoping the two were very similar.

I was able to add a job to root’s cron using crontab -e. However, the job does not seem to be working. It does include a numbered list (1,5,10,15 * * * date > /tmp/date.txt), which I saw a couple of people on here were concerned that numbered lists were not supported.

Anyways…how to I “turn on” cron, so to speak, so that this job will work??


just in case you do not have the manual : … ontab.html

this is for QNX version 4.25. the utilities reference for QNX version 6.x (if you are running this version) should be installed at your computer already. type “helpviewer” and ENTER from within a terminal.

how come you did not hear about QNX earlier ?

good luck HELGE

Thanks for the help. I figured out my problem…QNX 4.23 apparently does not support numbered lists in cron.