Has anyone tried using the migration kit?

I am wondering what sort of luck people have had with moving from QNX4 to QNX6. Is the migration kit that is provided solid?

I am going on having ported 200,000 lines from QNX4 to QNX6.

The biggest challenge is dealing with the pid to channel paradigm shift. I have found that if you have worked with both QNX4 and QNX6 a lot, and you spend a couple of days thinking about the architecture of your system, that this can usually be handled pretty easily.

After the IPC of your system is tweaked, the remainder is pretty much a cake walk.

Thanks for the insight rgallen. From what you describe it sounds like you did a native port. Have you tried to just use the migration library that comes with their migration kit and your old code that runs on proxies?

I must admit this is a loaded question. We are comming off a major port effort. The migration kit and lib was billed as a quick and easy solution. It has been anytyhing but. There are lots of problems with the migration kit. Some of the clode has clearly not been tested.

I have yet anyone out there who is using it.