Self hosted QNX 6.3 to windows XP?

Can I install my version of QNX 6.3(Self hosted) on WinXP? I really don’t want to download another 500Mb.
Thanks in advance.

You will need to resize your WinXP partition to create some free diskspace for your QNX installation.

This was discussed various times on this list, search for “dual boot” or something alike…

Self hosted is self hosted. This means you have to install it by its own. You will need to make some room on your Windows PC to install QNX in it, and then make it dual boot QNX or Windows.

If you plan to do cross development from WinXP, you will need to download the Windows version. self hosted version won’t work. Remember, you will still need a QNX system to test your code if you choose to do cross dev from Windows.

Thanks. I’ve downloaded some 468 Mb more, as nothing can be done about self-hosted version. Fortunately without bugs and successfully got license key. Now trying to boot this installed os. I have LILO (Suse 8.0) as main loader and am puzzled how to add QNX there:)

I am not sure if I understand you correctly.

Only the self-hosted version is bootable.

The other ones (Windows, Linux, Solaris) are just cross platform development tools. They allow you to develop for QNX from those other OSes. Since they are just tools and not OS themselves, there is no such thing as “boot”.

If you want QNX OS, you need the self hosted version and follow SmeeAgain’s suggestion above.

Oh,no! In fact I thought that I would see window where QNX will appear(like cygwin):frowning: Or at least just 3-d OS using piece of FAT32 windows disk. I have 200GB and something like 20GB-primary(Linux) and 180-secondary(Linux and WinXP).Everything is booting from LILO on MBR. As I understood, I had to delete one of those partitions - that’s very unlikely for me to do.This QNX is driving me crazy. Why one should use win version? How can I develop anything without running QNX? Or can I create 3-d partition(as far as I remember-no)?
Would be much appriciated for your help.

Install vmware in your windows, and install your self hosted QNX in vmware.

Great idea it was! Thanks. Unfortunately vmware(Workstation 5.0) crashed.I think cause of some problems with DMA.
Fortunately I have tried Virtual PC 2004(from microsoft 45-day trial) and it seems to be working. This is much better than non-working QNX :slight_smile:

QNX isn’t that simple :slight_smile: How do you expect a realtime OS run as a task under Windows?

You don’t have to delete anything. You need to resize only. ;)

Those people coming from legacy OS’s, like VxWorks, are used to develop under Windows and have their actual OS run on a seperate hardware, the ‘target’. That’s why QNX offers this possibility.

I’m not sure what you mean by a 3-D partition (3-dimensional partition?), but if you mean 3rd partition ;) , yes as long as you resize an existing partition to make room. Haven’t you downloaded the Quickstart Guide?

VMWare crashed because you need to disable the floppy in the virtual machine. VMWare works better then VirtualPC with QNX.

I need the floppy on Qnx on VMWare. How can I do ?



I heard the rumor that the latest vmware had fixed the floppy crashing issue. Can anybody confirm that?

With 6.2.1 and latest RC1 of VMware 5.5 it works.

A bit more research shows :

  1. Kevin Chiles from QNX has been working with Petr from VMware on the floppy issue. The last post of this thread indicates VMWare found the real cause of the issue.
  1. Looks like VMWare had a workaround for this issue, but unfortunately the new QNX 6.3 breaks their workaround: … adID=23209

So, I guess if you have a newer version of VMWare (which has the “workaround”), and an older version of QNX 6 (which doesn’t break the “workaround”), you should be able to use the floppy.